Sophia Lillis, image via Variety

‘IT’ Star Sophia Lillis Cast as Nancy Drew in New Adaptation

Last summer, part one of the latest adaptation of Stephen King’s novel IT made a killing at the box office. The film’s young and vibrant cast included Sophia Lillis, who took on the role of Beverly Marsh, the only female member of a gang of teenage misfits.


Throughout the film, Beverly Marsh and the self-named gaggle of ‘Losers’ take on bullies of all shapes and sizes: classmates, a shape-shifting clown demon, and Beverly’s creepy and abusive father. While many scenes in the film highlighted Beverly’s strength and bravery, critics have pointed out that a large portion of the film casts her as an object of sexual desire and a damsel in distress. 


Despite these potential problems, Sophia Lillis gave arguably the most memorable, genuine, and dynamic performance in the film. Vanity Fair even called her the ‘heart and soul of the Losers’ Club.’


Screenshot from the It film

Image via Digital Spy 


Fans of Lillis don’t have to wait for part two of the IT adaptation to see her again on the big screen. Lillis is set to star in the title role of Warner Bro’s Nancy Drew and The Hidden Staircase, based on the 1930 mystery book. 


The film will be co-produced by Ellen DeGeneres. And luckily, Sophia Lillis’ new role won’t put her in the position of damsel in distress— Nancy Drew is a fiercely independent and intelligent sleuth. We can’t wait to see Lillis’ take on such an iconic character. 


Featured Image Via Variety