Anime Pennywise in sewer

‘It’ Has Gotten the Anime Treatment and It Works Surprisingly Well

As It continues to smash box office records, fans are running with the recent film adaptation of Stephen King’s book. Fans have hilariously made Pennywise dance to pop songs, and some have even put their art skills to use. Artist Mike Anderson (a.k.a. Mikuloctopus) has essentially adapted the new It adaptation into some anime-inspired artwork. Check it out below or on his website here.




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In true internet fashion, Anderson’s film-inspired artwork has now inspired another artist, Kevin Duran. Duran, a freelance graphic designer, animated one of Anderson’s pieces. The animation and voiceover are definitely creepy. You can believe that, but if you want to see for yourself, here it is:




When Duran used Anderson’s artwork without his permission, it did cause some tension. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Anderson says, ‘[I] was pretty upset that he didn’t ask me to use the artwork at all.’ However, Anderson did call the animation ‘impressive,’ and Duran and him have since settled things on Twitter. Still, Anderson has ‘mixed emotions on the whole thing.’


This whole artistic saga began when Anderson felt It would make a good anime. Speaking about this impulse, Anderson told EW:


Besides the fact that I thought the new Pennywise design already had a very ‘anime’ feel to it, I thought the concepts and subject matter of Stephen King’s book would be perfect for anime. There seem to be fewer limits in anime. Crazy concepts and unique storytelling are almost expected. The King novel delves into mythologies and settings that a live-action movie may not have the time or budget to fully realize. And even if they could, it may not appeal to mass audiences. Taking It to an anime series would ground the story in a genre where traveling between dimensions and giant monsters are more accepted.


Feature Image by Mikuloctopus Via Pinterest