It Chapter Two

‘IT: Chapter Two’ Finally Finds Its Eddie and Stanley

It was the breakout movie of 2017, and IT: Chapter Two should be no different, considering it’s one of the most anticipated movies coming up, especially with the cast they’re pulling together. Chapter One brought to life the first half of Stephen King’s terrifying novel, following a group of children terrorized by Pennywise the Clown. Chapter Two will take on the second half of the novel, with the now-grown children returning to their hometown to face Pennywise for a second time.


Jessica Chastain’s casting has been called a dream come true, but the rest of the cast is still up in the air. Two more names have signed onto the movie, though unfortunately not the ones we’ve been hoping for: Bill Hader and James McAvoy have not yet turned rumors to truth by officially joining the cast. We’re still hopeful.


James Ransone

Image via Indiewire


James Ransone, of The Wire and Sinister fame, has been cast as Eddie Kasprak. The casting was confirmed by Ransone in a now-deleted tweet, “removed to avoid any confusion”, according to the actor. Ransone is no stranger to horror films, appearing in Sinister and starring in Sinister 2, and we have total faith in his acting chops for this role.


Andy Bean

Image via Geeks of Color


The second actor to join the cast is Andy Bean, who will play the now-grown Stanley Uris. Fans of the book will know what to expect with this casting, while those who have not yet read the novel can expect to be surprised – or scared. Either way, it’ll be a thrill.


With Ransone and Bean signing on, the only characters still in search of casting are Mike and Ben, so we know who to expect Bill Hader and James McAvoy to play if (when) they join the cast. Please, join the cast.


Featured Image via Daily Express.