‘IT’ Alternate Beginning Imagines a World Where Georgie Lives

You know how the movie Clue has alternate endings that suggest different people were the murderers? As far as movie gimmicks go, that’s a favorite. Even more unusual than an alternate ending, though, is an alternate beginning. Yet this is what Andrés Muschietti, director of 2017’s IT adaptation, has given us in the following video:



Yes, in this alternate beginning Georgie successfully retrieves his paper boat. And that’s it. Conflict solved. Cannibalistic clown evaded. The Losers Club need not deploy. Best of all, we see Pennywise dejectedly say, “Shit.” You can really sense his disappointment over his missed meal.


Of course, in this alternate reality, Pennywise is free of the Losers Club, so he is probably free to conduct even more mayhem. Though we see Georgie live to see another day, who’s to say what will happen tomorrow? Maybe in this alternate world, Pennywise digs his claws into Beverly or Bill. Yeah, I know. Scary.


It’s funny Muschietti actually shot this. It’s just a fun scene for fans to imagine the “what ifs.” For more bonus content for the Stephen King fanatics out there, pick up IT on Blu-ray!


Feature Image Via IMDb