Instagram Accounts Made For Book Lovers

If books are our first love, then Instagram is our affair. We love to scroll and double tap and when we’re not reading, the tug of our phones in our pockets is almost unbearable. In fact, it actually is unbearable. We can’t help but lovingly scroll through, taking in every Hillary meme, foodie indulgence, and cute kitten with insatiable greed. You can literally fawn over your screen for an hour – and that’s probably a modest count. It happens to the best of us: you look up from your phone only to realize it’s 2 am and you’re so deep into cyber space that no number of back clicks can save you from your Instagram abyss.

Me trying to ignore instagram (image courtesy of PBS)


Thankfully, there is help. Avoid the guilt and shame of losing so much precious time to the grams by following book accounts. You can still scroll listlessly and waste time, but now you can do it while sharpening your literary tongue and recalling your first love – books.

Here’s some of our new favorites. You can also check out some of our all time favorites here


@TRRBookLove (The Reading Room, duh!) 



















Featured image courtesy of ABC News.