Inside the Mansion That Inspired Peter Pan

Step inside the fantastic mansion of J.M. Barrie and we promise you, you’ll never want to leave- or grow up! While the author didn’t grow up in this seven-bedroom London mansion, he was inspired by the gorgeous spot to write the story of the boy who never gets old, Peter Pan. The character was actually based on his older brother, David, who died at 14.

You may not find a way to Neverland here or fly like Tinkerbell, but the influence the home had on Barrie is apparent. The gorgeous blue bedroom looks shockingly similar to the Darling’s own room and the lush backyard could easily be imagined as the home to mermaids, or Tiger Lily! But what’s the most enthralling part of the house? Mirrors give the facade the appearance of being covered in fairy dust! 

According to the Daily Mail, “Much of the internal fabric of the house remains unchanged since Barrie’s day, including the door furnishing, banister, wall parenting and fireplace.” 

Take a look at the house below; you will be dazzled!

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