Infographic Shows Us What a Grammar Nerd Looks Like

Have you ever corrected a friend for using “then” instead of “than” or a comma instead of a semicolon when writing? If so, you probably identify as a grammar nerd. There are plenty of readers out there with this passion for grammatical correctness, and many sites have sprouted to help people fuel their love of grammar. 

Grammarly, a community for grammar nerds and an educational source for grammar newbies, has just released an awesome infographic detailing what a typical grammar nerd is like. One of the most interesting facts in the graphic is that most grammar nerds are single U.S. women in the 18-24 age bracket. Other specifics on the list show where most grammar nerds live, and what some of their biggest pet peeves are. 

Do you fit this description? See the full graphic to find out for yourself.


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