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Influential Book ‘I’m a Brilliant Little Black Boy’ to Be Animated Series

The children’s book, I’m A Brilliant Little Black Boy was published in 2016  and was written by son and mother, Joshua Drummond and Betty K. Bynum. This phenomenal book has just landed a deal with Hudlin Entertainment to be made into an animated series called Brilliant Boys.  The show will target African American boys from six to eleven years old.


Drummond talks about the lack of representation he grew up with within the media. Today he wishes to broadcast the lives of an ordinary black children growing up in America and just enjoying life. The book is supported by Academy Award-winning and nominated actors and director, Denzel Washington, Samuel L. Jackson and John Singleton. The books message was publicized by celebrities through a viral video that included Vin Diesel and Omari Hardwick.



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In an interview with Joshua Drummond, Black Enterprise released the process of remaining creative in times of stress. Being involved in school and making time for friends was challenging to balance, but he persevered because he believed his ideas would impact a generation of young black boys.


His father, Warren Drummond is a famous storyboard artist for multiple of acclaimed television and films such as Scandal, Fences, and Nightcrawler. Inspiration for his animated series comes from shows such as Disney’s, The Proud Family. Joshua Drummond said

Brilliant Boys animation is to focus on a whole group of fun kids with a bit of parental-shouldering in a format similar to those works I just mentioned. Many black children out there come from single-parent households, no parents, and many other frustrating circumstances. I want this show to be fun for them as something they can turn on to see themselves in a fun positive way doing things that they may be thinking of doing or things they can get inspired to do, or just seeing kids that look like them and their friends or family.




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Its important to realize how representation impacts the lives of young children. Incorporating the lives of people of color in media will open minds and we can’t wait to see the animated series! 





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