In the End, Nobody Wins


Gaby and Adam do their final podcast on Lisa McInerney’s book The Glorious Heresies. Unfortunately Adam did not finish the book, but Gaby did. She explains in the podcast how none of the characters get a happy ending. The most hopeful characters in the book were Ryan and Karine, but a 6 year incarceration ends up ruining their once blossoming love. The other characters either die and make no advancement at all.

Jimmy strangles Tara Duane and forces Tony Cusack to kill Georgie. Seeing how distraught his father is over Jimmy’s ultimatum, Ryan decided to kill Georgie for him. However, it’s not clear if Ryan actually goes through with it. Maureen has a “glorious” moment when she decides to burn down the catholic church. Other than that, nobody escapes poverty, finds love, or comes to a deeper understanding about themselves or their lives. McInerney wrote a fantastically depressing book that stays true to its message to the very end.

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