Featured Image Via Washington Post

In Effort to Diversify Children’s Books, Couple Opens Bookstore

In an afternoon that has become all-too-common in modern-day America, a then  8-year old Langston Miller and his mother, Victoria Scott-Miller, scavenged through their local bookstore for two and a half hours in search of books that, as Langston put it, showed “how brilliant, handsome, smart and how amazing we [Black boys] are.”

After all that searching, they managed to find just five books.

Upon returning home from the shopping trip, Scott-Miller and her husband, Duane Miller, immediately began brainstorming how to create a bookstore with lots of books for empowering black children; books featuring Black heroes that “show who we actually are… brilliant, handsome, intelligent Black boy[s].”

Lacking the funds needed to open up a whole storefront however, Victoria and Duane found a clever solution. The Liberation Station is an independent pop-up bookstore offering both pick-up and online delivery which specializes in children’s literature featuring Black children as the main characters.

Business has been booming in 2020, with book delivery demand skyrocketing amid coronavirus lock-downs and the increased dialogue over Black Lives Matter protests resulting in an increase in demand for titles by Black authors.

Given the importance that scholars and activists place on children’s literature, providing diverse reading options for young children is a major step in paving the way for a more inclusive future.