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Imogen Heap’s ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ Soundtrack Album Released!

Although it’s been released for a couple years now, depending on where you live, the popularity of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child seems to keep growing. My sister is still begging to go every time they send out emails about upcoming shows. The two-part play has mystified fans and the rush to get tickets might as well be a wizarding dual. It’s that rough. But for those who have, and haven’t, seen the play, this news will be music to your ears.


Imogen Heap

 Image Via Gazette Review


The play’s musical score conducted by Imogen Heap will now have an official soundtrack release. According to NME, there will be four suites each containing music from the four acts of the play that will send listeners on a magical journey across the Potterverse. Heap recently shared her excitement with her Twitter followers and they’re ready for it!





In a recent interview, she also revealed that the soundtrack will contain some of her original work too. “The good thing was that they didn’t want me to make a soundtrack like any of the films. This was a whole other beast… It’s not like the films, it’s not like the books– it’s a play. That was part of the reason they got me involved; I hadn’t done anything like it before and they wanted something truly original.” Get the album on its November 2nd release date!



Featured Image Via NME