Harry Potter mural

Immerse Yourself in Harry Potter With These Astonishing Murals

There’s something magical about seeing your favorite books brought to life. Seeing them on the big screen is one thing, but imagine being surrounded by them in the real world. One artist has brought school children joy by painting Harry Potter on their library’s wall. Imagine looking up from the pages of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and seeing Harry look down at you. That’s not creepy… right?


Check out Creative Murals and Portrait’s awesome video here:



The humongous, colorful illustrations sprawl over the library’s walls, bringing me back to kindergarten. Things were easier back then. Every child should have access to paintings of their favorite book characters. No, make that every person. Every living person should have Daniel Radcliffe’s face drawn on their wall.


Feature Image by Creative Murals and Portraits via Facebook