Iman Vellani to Play First Onscreen Muslim Superhero- ‘Ms. Marvel’

Disney Plus brings its newest Marvel Studios’ superhero to the screen with Canadian actress Iman Vellani to play Khamala Khan on Ms. Marvel. As the first ever Muslim superhero to grace Marvel Comics in 2014, Ms. Marvel now reaches greater heights as eighteen-year-old, Vellani, brings this pivotal character to the screen.




Written by G. Willow Wilson, Ms. Marvel tells the story of Khamala Khan, a Pakistani-American teen from Jersey City struggling with self worth and cultural identity. When Khan unlocks incredible powers that allow her to shape-shift into Carol Danvers’ body, she realizes she is anything but ordinary. As Khan embraces the strength she finds in Ms. Marvel, she comes to accept a strength of another kind; a potential that’s always resided inside of her. Khan becomes not only a super power to be reckoned with, but an example of self love and acceptance. This is an entertaining and empowering story for youth in lessons of self-esteem, female representation, and cultural acceptance.



This being Vellani’s first Hollywood production, her efforts to diversify entertainment do not begin and end here. In 2019, she took part in the Toronto Film Festival’s “Next Wave Committee,” where she and other young film-enthusiasts studied the art of film and contributed to bettering the film industry through community. She’s also reported as having a very active, however unconfirmed, online presence in film reviews. Khan’s noted as having “some of the funniest, sharpest reviews of movies, at less than twenty words on average.”

According to Marvel Studios chief, Kevin Feige, Vellani will continue to play Khan in future Marvel films. Rumor’s out that Disney Plus’ coming series The Young Avengers, could be one in which she will soon take part.


feature image via marvel comics