Imagine You’re at Hogwarts With These 10 Magical Schools

Mean people may tell you to give up waiting on your Hogwarts letter, that if you haven’t got it by the time you’re eleven, you’re a hopeless muggle and you must accept it. Those people are of course wrong and merely jealous of your evident magical qualities.


I imagine what happened is that the owl carrying your letter encountered a Chinese lantern or some other such hazard and your letter was lost in the fiery mess. I’m sure Hogwarts will notice your absence sooner or later and realise what happened. Until then, perhaps consider these other schools?


1. Flagler College, Florida



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2. Bryn Mawr University


Bryn Mawr

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3. All Souls College, Oxford 


All Souls College

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4. Rosenwald Hall, University of Chicago


University of Chicago

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5. Cambridge University



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6. Vassar College, New York



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7. Trinity College, Dublin



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8. Suzzallo Library, University of Washington 


library washington

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9. Cathedral of Learning, University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


cathedral of learning

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10. University of Paris, Sorbonne


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