Arya Stark

If This ‘Game of Thrones’ Theory Is True, Stark Fans Watch Out!

All you Game of Thrones followers, readers, viewers, and dragon-lovers have had some breaking news revealed to you recently and it has to do with season 8, which will be, as you all know, the last and final season. So prepare yourselves for the best and worst.


Walder Frey

Image Via Winter Is Coming


According to Digital Spy, we could see the return of one of the major houses. Maybe. Possibly. Actress Danielle Galligan is joining the cast as Sarra,  a name that appeared in the novel as one of the many granddaughters of Walder Frey. So the rare connection could only mean that House Frey will be making a return, right?!


Edmure Tully

Image Via Winter Is Coming


Arya nearly wiped the name out last season, but there are some who still linger in Westeros. Edmure Tully (the Stark children’s uncle), the two marrying members of the Red Wedding, Walder Frey’s daughter Roslin and her son. So, does it make the coincidence of a first name seem like, well, less of a coincidence?


We’re not too sure yet, but I’m sure we’ll get a few more hints as to whose fate has been decided! 


Feature Image Via Vulture