‘If The Shoe Fits’ Kicks Off Disney Retellings for Adults

If “a dream is a wish your heart makes,” then the heart really went above and beyond with this news: Disney Publishing is bringing a whole new series of fairytale retellings for adult audiences, and getting the ball (or pumpkin carriage) rolling is Julie Murphy’s reimagined Cinderella story, If the Shoe Fits; A Meant To Be Novel.




Not just another Cinderella story, If the Shoe Fits uniquely adapts the Disney classic to tell the story of fashion enthusiast, Cindy, forging her way in the world of shoe design. While working for her stepmother, executive producer of reality dating show, “Before Midnight,” Cindy volunteers for a spot on the show that features the dramas of love and romance. In the limelight, Cindy quickly becomes a role model for body positivity and plus sized beauty. She must decide whether the shoe (or love interest) presented to her on air is one which she is proud to wear, or one she’d rather walk alway from.

Julie Murphy has authored several other popular books boasting the same themes of body positivity and plus sized pride, including Dumplin (which was also well received when Netflix adapted it), Puddin (second in the Dumplin’ series), and Faith: Taking Flight.

This first novel of the promising Disney Publishing series for adults is expected to be released August third of 2021. Keep your eye out for Cindy and your favorite Disney princesses (reimagined) to follow.

featured image via HS Insider