The Gingerbread Girl

If It’s Even News Anymore, Yet Another Stephen King Book Being Adapted

How many Stephen King books have been adapted into movies or television series? No, seriously, I’ve lost track. In 2017 alone there was It, Gerald’s Game, 1922, and The Dark Tower.  Coming in 2018, there’s Wizard and Glass and The Dead Zone. Not to mention nearly thirty or so adaptations currently in various stages of development. The latest story to join this constantly changing list is the novella The Gingerbread Girl, which can be found in King’s collection of stories Just After Sunset. King is set to co-write the screenplay.



Stephen King

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‘The Gingerbread Girl’ centers around Emily, a mother who recently lost her only child. Emily takes up running in order to cope with her grief. She ends up running away from her husband, her hometown, and her old life– and straight into the grips of a serial killer. 

The adaptation will be directed by Craig R. Baxley, who has directed several King adaptations for TV, including Storm of the CenturyKingdom Hospital and Rose Red



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