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Icon Carrie Fisher Posthumously Wins Grammy for Best Spoken Word Album

Even despite her passing just over a year ago, Carrie Fisher has still managed to steal our hearts and posthumously win a Grammy in addition to it.
According to Entertainment Weekly, it was on Sunday that the late and great actress’ audiobook memoir The Princess Diarist won a Grammy for the best spoken word album.


Carrie Fisher

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The album covered her time shooting Star Wars and playing the famous Princess Leia. She even reveals her stories of life on-set and her hidden affair with co-star Harrison Ford. It had been published and released only five weeks before her death in December 2016. Then it was while she was on her book tour that she suffered a heart attack, passing away days later.


Carrie Fisher

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At this year’s 60th Annual Grammy Awards there were a few other great contenders in that particular group: Neil deGrasse Tyson for Astrophysics for People in a Hurry, Bernie Sanders with Mark Ruffalo for Our Revolution: A Future to Believe In, Shelly Peiken for Confessions of a Serial Songwriter, and, my personal favorite, Bruce Springsteen for Born to Run.


However, among these great nominees, Fisher was still able to remind us that she was someone whose talent and spirit is still with us.


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