I Spy

‘I Spy’ With My Little Eye…My Childhood

You are back in your elementary school library. The librarian just reupped the Zoobooks supply. You’re face to face with a freaking tiger. But you don’t care. You’re not here for the Zoobooks. You’re here for I Spy.


Like Where’s Waldo? before it, I Spy tasks young readers with finding hidden objects in a crowded set. Walter Wick’s photographs are somehow spooky despite being of harmless, innocent objects. And Jean Marzollo’s rhyming riddles add another layer of the uncanny.


If you’re hankering for a little elementary-school-level detective work, then see if you can uncover the hiddeno objects in these I Spy images.


'I Spy'

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'I Spy'

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How did you do? Could you find them all? Let us know in the comments. The real question is: are you better now than you were in elementary school? If you’re looking for more challengers, pick up the I Spy books here!


Feature Image Via Reddit