I Love Airport Bookstores

I don’t know what it is about airport bookstores, but you just gotta go in. It’s generally less than interesting on the outside, but like most bookstores, treasure waits beyond the door. Even if you don’t need a new book, or you’re just trying to kill some time, an airport bookstore is the perfect place to go.

An array of candies, electronics, magazines, and best of all, books are all on display. After reading John Warners article, “There’s something about airport bookstores,” for the Chicago Tribune, I realized that I, too, love airport bookstores.

What’s so special about an airport bookstore you ask? Well, that’s a good question. I’d say, it’s not about the content, but about the experience. Yes, there are some good books in there and a little browse isn’t going to hurt! You may be with family, or friends, even alone. It’s all about being inside a bookstore. It may be small, cramped, or it could have a great selection. It’s like walking into a thrift shop and not knowing if, or even if you’ll find something. It’s an unexpected stop on your trip, and you make the most of it! 

An airport bookstore is like a shoulder to cry on. It’s there when you need it. When you’ve forgotten a book, the book you’re reading isn’t great, you’ve finished the book you were just reading, or you just want to add something else to your shelf overflowing with books you haven’t even read yet.  

Check out some airport bookstores below: 


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Hong Kong

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No matter what you find in an airport bookstore, it’s a memory to the last the entire trip. Whether you’re only just arriving to your destination, or on your way home, an airport bookstore is a place to kill some time, explore, and maybe come across your next great read! 


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