Hunter S. Thompson Weed Coming to a Store Near You

This week, Hunter S. Thompson’s wife, Anita Thompson, said she plans to sell Thompson brand pot in homage to her late husband. People show love in strange ways, but this gesture feels oddly perfect for the peyote tripping, LSD loving, gonzo journalist. Adorned with her husband’s image, Anita will market an entire line of cannabis products, all to be sold at the pair’s former home, Owl Farm, in Woody Creek, Colorado. 

The late Thompson (image courtesy of StonedGirls)

The cannabis line, Gonzo, will be a replica of the weed Hunter smoked himself, cloned (science, nice) and sold as six separate strains. Anita shared her plans with the Aspen Times:

“Since it became legal I get approached probably once a month by cannabis growers, dispensaries,” Thompson said. “I’ve had probably 10 meetings in the last three years and I always ended up saying ‘No’ because it’s the same story every time: somebody wants to slap Hunter’s name on their strain.”

“If I put Hunter’s name on somebody else’s strain I can never go back and say, ‘No, this is the authentic one,’” she explained.

Part of the income from the boutique weed line will go towards renovating Owl Farm. Anita plans to turn the farm land into a fully equipped writer’s retreat, featuring a museum and store. It will also, of course, be resplendent with quality grade pot. 

Image courtesy of Pinterest

You may never be able to ride along with Thompson across the desolate Arizona desert, fear and loathing style, but at least you can smoke his weed!


Featured image courtesy of Green Culture.