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Hunger Games Prequel Has Shocking New Protagonist

There has been some exciting new information about Suzanne Collins’ new Hunger Games book, The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes. Not only will the story be set sixty-four years before The Hunger Games, but it will follow the series’ antagonist, President Snow! However, it looks like the tables have turned, because he is now the hero of Collins’ new series!

The picture below shows a young Coriolanus Snow looking very dapper.


Image via entertainment weekly

More information about the book claims that Snow is a young teenager who is very wealthy. Even though Snow has it all, he wants more than wealth.  It seems like we are going to see a very different side of Coriolanus Snow.

Entertainment Weekly released an excerpt from the book. So far, we know that Coriolanus Snow has to be a mentor in the Hunger Games in order to graduate from the Academy.

In the first look at the official artwork, Coriolanus is looking young and very charismatic. Before we know it, we might even be rooting for President Snow this time around!



featured image via bustle

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