Hulu’s ‘Looking for Alaska’ has a new Twist on Teen Love

The long awaited adaptation of John Green’s novel, Looking for Alaska, is just a day away! Hulu picked up the series for an eight episode run, after being bounced around from various studios following it’s 2005 book release. The series co-creator Josh Schwartz, also worked on The O.C. and Gossip Girl and his creative partner Stephanie Savage worked on Nancy Drew for the CW and another Hulu series, The Runaways. According to Schwartz, he has more empathy towards teens and parents now as he’s grown older, and he enjoys writing for this teen demographic.


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The novel follows Miles (Pudge) Halter and his move to a boarding school. There he meets Alaska Young and becomes infatuated with her. unfortunately their friendship comes to an end when Alaska dies in a car accident. Pudge, then does everything he can to figure out what led to the accident. While learning about Alaska’s last moments he begins to learn some things about himself he didn’t know before.

The show will follow the same premise, and according to Schwartz, the concept was hard to adapt considering the mystery is a bit unsolvable. It’s hard to pin point what exactly happened during a car crash when there are no survivors to tell the tale. However this adaptation is what John Green fans have been waiting for since his first book to screen release, The Fault in Our Stars.

Looking for Alaska premieres Friday, October 18 on Hulu.



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