How Trump is Increasing America’s Interest in the Constitution

The United States Constitution has seen a rise in sales after its recent appearance at the DNC last week. The origin of this phenomenon arose when Khizr Khan used the Constitution to criticize Trump. This has caused some Trump supporters to narrow their vision to only see the controversy that surrounds the Constitution rather than the essential ideas it represents and individuals like Khan want to uphold. 

At a Donald Trump rally yesterday, a social justice group that goes by the name of “The Maine’s People’s Alliance” stood and held up pocket constitutions during Trump’s speech. The Trump-supporting crowd began to boo, hiss, and even slap the books out of their hands. The irony of a Trump supporter slapping the United States Constitution from the hands of an American citizen was palpable.

At its core however, if we simply look at the words on paper, our nation is built on a beautiful idea: all mankind should be treated equally under the law. Many feel this idea has failed to be brought into practice, but the idea nonetheless hangs as a goal that our society continuously strives for.

Coming from a party that traditionally holds conservative views on the Constitution, Trump’s strong anti-immigration policy, ungrounded economic plans, and a tendency to silence speech sets him at a distance from the enlightened premis of the document, hence the Maine’s People’s Alliance actions at the rally.The The good news however, is that the Constitution scandal has helped the document reach the #2 best seller on Amazon which, if anything, is increasing the average citizen’s awareness of what the document was meant to convey.  

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