How to Understand the Trump Phenomenon

Democrats are reeling from Trump’s surprising win over Hillary Clinton. Many minorities, members of the LBGTQ community, and progressives are truly worried about their safety in the coming years. If Trump himself is not bad enough, his revival of the old Republican guard is even more troubling.

At times like these, it is better to engage the process rather than hide. Don’t move to Canada, stay here and fight. Part of that process is understanding exactly what is going on as best you can. Luckily, many writers have come out with essays and short stories about their feelings on the Trump presidency. Whether their fears are exagerated or not, we cannot say they aren’t real. 

Here are some essays that have been published recently, courtesy of Bookriot and Buzzfeed:

Trump’s Revenge by McKay Coppins

Image courtesy of The New York Times

“But the brief moment of magnanimity belied the more personal — and visceral — triumph Trump was celebrating that night: the ultimate humiliation of his haters.”

What Women Who Condemned Trump’s Sexism Do Now by Jessica Testa

Image courtesy of Hollywood Reporter

“Two steps forward, one big-league step back.”

The New Evangelical Woman Vs. Trump by Anne Helen Petersen

Image courtesy buzzfeed

“As a believer, I’m devastated at how successful he has been in pandering to our lowest, basest selves. The selves that are afraid of anybody that does not fit our demographic. The selves that close our arms and our hearts to victims and vulnerable people. He has exposed the darkest corners of our human hearts and then given them free rein to live out in the open. That scares me.”

These Are The LGBT Rights Trump Could Start Reversing On Day One by Dominic Holden


Image courtesy of The Daily Beast

“Trump, without help from another branch of government, could erase or start to reverse several of Obama’s orders, guidance, and regulations that protect LGBT people at work, at school, in health care, and inside their homes”

We Will Get Through A Trump Presidency Together by Rigoberto González

Image courtesy of People

 “What we’re being presented with is a stark reminder of our duties and responsibilities as inhabitants of this troubled country we call home.”

I Will Teach My Children To Survive The New America” by Manuel Gonzales

Image courtesy of Buzzfeed

“The tips of my fingers tingled and I wondered, Is this it? Am I going to have a stroke?”

Meet The Ivanka Voter by Anne Helen Petersen

Image courtesy of Uproxx

“This voter is almost entirely absent from the images that proliferate around Trump and his events, which are overwhelmed with obvious signifiers of class: the men and women depicted might be overweight, have bad haircuts, or wear crass T-shirts.”

Anti-Semitism Has Emerged From The Shadows, And It’s Not Going Back by Doree Shafrir

Image courtesy of National Report

“The anti-Semites have found each other, and they encourage each other, and they are no longer on the fringes.”

Here’s What I’m Telling My Brown Son About Trump’s America by Mira Jacob

Image courtesy of Mira Jacob


 “Hear what is falling all around us. Hear your innocence being taken as quickly as you turn a corner in your own city. Hear a country that has been rough on minorities since its inception, and will continue to be so now at an accelerated rate. Hear people ignoring this basic truth because it is convenient for them to do so.”

 Don’t Cry For Ivanka — Fear Her by Anne Helen Petersen

Image courtesy of Speakers Corner

“The danger, however, was that many people had already decided the opposite: that Donald wasn’t like Ivanka, and Ivanka, for all of her poise and polish, was actually like Donald.”


Featured image courtesy of The Wall Street Journal