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How to Tell If You’re a Bibliophile

Definition of bibliophile

: a lover of books especially for qualities of format; also : a book collector
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Have you read more books than you can count? Is your “want to read” list even longer? If you answered yes to these questions, you might be a bibliophile. Yes, you. “But what could possibly be wrong with loving books? They are great!” I agree wholeheartedly but please, keep reading.


Books make it possible for you to transcend both time and space. You can become someone else, live a completely different life, and experience so many things. These things are amazing but, if just catching a glimpse of the word “book” gets you excited, you might have problem.


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Yes, there are so many books out there and you want to read them all. Well, maybe not all of them but definitely a lot of them. So you start buying some, and since you don’t love reading from a screen all the time, they start to accumulate. Okay, no sweat, except now you need to store them somewhere safe, so you buy a bookcase. Some time passes and you run out of room on the shelves. I think I see a little space in that corner over there. You can totally fit a smaller shelf or table there. For now, let’s just stack them neatly. That’s okay, right?


Sure. But now you have more than you could ever finish in a timely fashion, i.e. before new interesting ones come out. It’s at this point you can literally see your list of books you do or will want to read growing at the same rate as (or quicker than) the amount of books you have finished. You don’t need to be a mathematician to figure out that you won’t have enough time to finish all of them with your hectic schedule.


How does this happen? Well, did you know there are little pieces of heaven scattered about the earth where you can buy books for a dollar or less? Or less! I have been known to go on quite the book haul and, while it doesn’t break the bank, priorities, anyone?


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All right, so maybe none of those are actually dilemmas to you. What about this? How awful does it feel to start a book that you were so excited to read but you end up having to drop it because you hated something about it? The dread of just thinking about that. I can’t.


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Should we take FM Ford’s advice and read the ninety-ninth page before we decide to read it? What if the book only has ninety-eight pages? And then that sense of remorse you get when that one book is taking you too long to read. Reading is so tough.


Fear not! I bring suggestions. So your books don’t end up just becoming part of your decor, why not try giving yourself a time limit? For example, if you don’t finish a book within a year (generous, no?), why not get rid of it? No, I don’t mean throw it away, I am not a monster. Libraries and those little pieces of heaven with the dollar books usually take donations. They may even buy books from you! And would you look at that, another dime towards a new book. Speaking of libraries, procuring a library card is a great idea. That way, you CAN’T keep the books. Maybe that will provide the extra motivation you may need to finish a book. The last suggestion would be to not to buy, check out, or even begin thinking about a new book until you have finished one from cover to cover. This way, not only do you get even more reading done but you are being smart about mindful about your habits.


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I’m not saying get rid of all of your books but, it is okay to be more selective about the ones you keep at hand. So, how many books are on your list?