How to Set Your Reading Goals and Keep Them

So, you’re wondering how to be a better reader. It seems that you’ve gotten away from being that stellar reader that you set out to be. Well, you’ve come to the right place. We know how difficult it can be to stay on top of your reading goals, especially when you have a million other things going on. There’s no time like the present to begin again and if you flub it up, you can start over! 

There are two parts to reading goals: setting them and keeping them. You have to figure out what you want to achieve and then you execute it, stay faithful to the goal, and work on improving it. For example, if you want to read 50 books this year, pick a top 5 to start with, and keep growing that list! You can check off the books you read one by one and voila! Reading goal achieved. Whether you keep a reading calendar, a list, or take mental notes, there are various way to set and keep your reading goals.

Here are some goals you can strive for and tips on how to keep them!

Goal: Read every day

How to do it: Take a book with you everywhere you go. There could be times during the day where you’re stuck waiting, or on your lunch break, and those are perfect times to read! Keeping a book with you guarantees that some reading will go down if you have a moment in your day. 


Goal: Read a book you wouldn’t normally pick up

How to keep it: Sometimes we’re stuck reading the same things because we never bother to pick up anything else. Reading something new or something we wouldn’t normally pick up could expand our mind on certain topics and possibly introduce us to a new genre we didn’t know we’d like!


Goal: Get your friends to read your favorite book

How to keep it: One way to do this is to start a friend book club! If you loved a book, share it with your friends and talk about it together! The book next round could be chosen by another friend and so forth. Soon, you’ll have a list of new books to read that you probably haven’t heard of before. 


Goal: Read more diverse books

How to keep it: Start by searching through @WeNeedDiverseBooks and #OwnVoices on Twitter! These can help you figure out which books you want to explore and what other people recommend. 


Goal: Start that series you’ve been meaning to get to

How to keep it: Pick up the first book! The only way to start a new series is to start a new series! Do some research, figure out which one you want to commit to, and go for it! 


Keep striving and keep reading! What are your reading goals? How do you keep them? 


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