How to Play The Book Game

Our team had a bundle of fun playing this hilarious game. The best part about it; it incorporates materials you (likely) already own. Here’s what you need:

-At least one book per person

-Paper, enough for everyone to write on

-One pen per person 

Alright, got all the material? Listen closely- here’s how you play:

Each player has a book, a piece of paper, and a pen. The first person to go (we’ll call them player A) reads the title, author, and the synopsis featured on the inside flap or back of the book. That player than writes down the real first sentence of the book. No one can see what player A wrote down. All books are acceptable!

Our selection of books for the game- anything goes! Player A writes the first sentence of Start Something That Matters by Blake Mycoskie. 

Every other player must then make up a first sentence to the same book. The goal is to try to sound as plausible as possible. Everyone then passes their paper with the fake first sentence to player A. When everyone has given their paper to player A, player A shuffles the papers and reads each sentence.

The players attempting to fool each other into thinking their sentences are the real first sentences of Start Something That Matters. 

Are you still following? OK, let’s continue…

As of now, no one knows the REAL first sentence except for player A. After player A reads all of the possible sentences, everyone must guess which is the REAL first sentence. Player A will likely have to read over all of the answers again. At the end, player A reveals the real first sentence. Many people will say “AH! I KNEW IT!” or “What, really??” 

The point system: Anyone who guessed the first sentence correctly gets a point. Both of these boys guessed the correct first sentence, so they each get a point. Yay for them!

There’s another way to get a point! Let’s say player B wrote a fake sentence that a majority of players thought was the real first sentence. Player B then gets a point.

The game continues until everyone has their turn to be player A, or until everyone is exhausted from thinking of creative first sentences. Questions?

They’re ready to go!