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How to: Meet Babes That Love Books

First off, take this with a huge grain of salt because if I was the end-all-be-all of knowledge for where to meet a cutie with a thing for books, I wouldn’t be single as the last Pringle right now. The real trick is figuring out where you want to read your own book and then making eyes at the cuties frequenting your regular spots. The more often you see each other the better, familiar faces and all that jazz. So here are six places to find those book loving babes we crave so much.


1. Spend literally all of your time at the coffee shop


Reading at a coffee shop

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Every time I walk into a coffee shop there’s at least one cutie thumbing through some sort of something, so this is definitely a good first step. Drink coffee and bring something to do, because while you’re staring down the babe breaking his binding figuring out what to say to break the ice, life zooms by. I love reading in a coffee shop, but I’m also biased, because according to my roommate, Jake Gyllenhaal frequents the coffee shop next door to her office, so you can find me there on the reg. You know, for the coffee.


2. Barnes and Nobles are still a thing, right?


Reading at the bookstore

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Or like, your neighborhood bookstore or Half Priced Books or Quarter Priced Books, or whatever. The nice thing about a bookshop is you get to browse for new additions to your pile of unread books while also browsing for babes.


3. The subway, apparently


Hot dude reading on the subway

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According to my own experiences and those documented on the Instagram account @hotdudesreading, the subway is a great place to check out a bookish babe. The problem at hand, of course, is approaching said bookish babe in a way that doesn’t scare them off, piss them off, or creep them out. 


4. Your local park, but maybe not in the winter


Reading in the park

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The park is a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle and lose yourself in a book, so why wouldn’t it also be a great place to find other hotties losing track of time in a good paperback?


5. Waiting rooms of all shapes and sizes


Reading in a waiting room

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When’s the last time you spent way more time than necessary in your doctor’s office waiting room? Oh, the last time you went to the doctor? Hey, me too. Plus, with a bit of luck, your doctor’s office waiting room book loving babe might also have health insurance! A girl can dream, at least.


6. At the airport, while you’re regretting agreeing to spend that week and a half with your extended family


Reading at the airport

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With the upcoming holiday season, you’re likely to make an appearance at an airport between now and New Years. I don’t know about you, but I get all my best reading done at the airport, smushed into a tiny chair, that is, unless I’ve smiled enough at the gate attendants and they’ve upgraded me to first class (hardly ever, really just the once.) I love airports, they’re such an interesting mix of humans, and there’s gotta be at least one person reading that you find marginally attractive. Trust me. Trust me.


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