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How to Make Your Messy Bookcase A Work of Organizational Genius

Bibliophiles will agree that a great bookshelf can almost replace decoration. The beauty of books, their thought-out cover designs and vast arrays of colors can easily be the center point of a room.


Besides housing books, you can also put pictures, book-ends, knick-knacks, or really anything that will sit on a flat shelf to decorate shelves or at least to use as a spot holder until you get more books to fill up your self.


Because it’s actually all about books, the most important thing you have to do is organize the shelves. Each person has a different collection of books, so, like snowflakes, no two shelves are alike. How you categorize them can be vital.


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You could do it by color. This is probably the most aesthetically pleasing way, to make a rainbow row of novels. That’s the strongest feature of shaping your shelf this way. The down side can be too many books that are blue, or you can’t have all your Amish erotica books sitting by each other.


If this is your issue, it might be best to sort by genre. While this can lack visual stimulus, it can be the easiest way to find handbooks or poetry collections. Bonus points if you use the Dewey Decimal System.


You can do it chronologically. This can make you realize some parallel times and give you a grasp on history. You might not have otherwise known Mein Kampf and The Great Gatsby were published the same year.



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You know your ABC’s, one of the most sedentary and fundamental things we have all learned to communicate. It can also function as an organization system for an otherwise lawless stack of books.


Whichever method you choose, your shelf is uniquely yours. You could sort by genre, color AND the ABC’s if you’re ambitious. You can also sort by none, stack them up from the ground, or use them as furniture.


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