How to Make the Cutest Harry Potter Pumpkins Ahead of Halloween!

Do you have plans for Halloween? If you don’t, you can check “Hogwarts After Dark” party here or you can think about making a group of Harry Potter-themed pumpkins!



Thanks to Dusty Baxter-Wright’s recommendationnow we have a new fun way to celebrate the upcoming Halloween. Check the tutorial video from Karen Kavett DIY below:





From the step-by-step clip, we got four kinds of HP-embroidered pumpkins: the Marauder’s Map, Houses of Hogwarts, Harry Potter, and Golden Snitch. Each of the four is super cute, Halloween-echoing, and easy to Do It by Yourself!




Images via cosmopolitan



Perfect for the 20th anniversary of Rowling’s Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secret and the upcoming Halloween vibes! Get yourself a spare afternoon and make some magic!



Featured Image via YouTube