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How to Create Your Favorite Literary Space at Home

I’m sure all of you fellow literature lovers have dreamed of the perfect house fully equipped with a Beauty and the Beast-style library–sliding ladder and all–or, for a more realistic dream, the under-the-staircase book nook. Don’t have that type of space in your home? All you truly need is a comfy corner, books, and access to light. Let’s get crafty.


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First, you have to pick your spot. Ideally you’d want an open space that you can wiggle into and make yourself comfortable. You can easily do this in the corner of your room that has a little bit more space in it.


Second, let’s talk light. If you chose the corner of your room, there might just be enough light there. If there’s not, the easy fix is to hang some string lights. My personal favorite (and the lights I personally used) is a string of large, globe light bulbs.


Most importantly, make it cozy! Get your blankets and pillows ready and stack them up. Have a little extra cash? Buy a disk/beanbag chair or a small chaise lounge if you have the room for it.


Want some privacy? Hang curtains like these.



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Here’s a picture of what used to be my closet, but is now my favorite literary space, and some other makeshift book nooks for some inspiration! 


My Book Nook




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Book Nook

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Get creative, book lovers! Your new favorite reading space awaits.


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