How to Become a Better Reader

Reading requires time, patience, and an active imagination. Most people, however, don’t have the energy to fully immerse themselves in books that deserve their undivided attention. It’s sad, really. To combat it, we’ve thought of some ways you can make reading easier and more convenient. 

1. Find a book you actually want to read

The absolute most important thing is to read what you want to read. People often get confused between what they want to read and what society tells them they should read. If you hear about a book, or see it on a bookshelf, and you get the subtle feeling of attraction, that’s the book you should read.

2. Skim it

Once you have a book in your hands that feels right, do a bit of research. Read the table of contents, read the first paragraph of a few chapters, and maybe even take a peek at the last couple of pages. By doing this you will get a good sense of what the book is like, how it is written, and whether or not you still want to read it.

3. Make time for your book

Now that you have settled on the book you want to read, make time to read it. If you have to, utilize audio or ebooks to make your reading experience easier and more versatile. Everybody can carve out at least 30 minutes from their day to read, whether it’s on their daily commute, during their lunch break, or right before bed. There is always time to read a good book!

4. Remove distractions

This is huge. Constantly taking breaks from reading to check your phone or to browse your Facebook story will break your rhythm. Reading is kind of like sleeping, your mind has to be able to relax and forget the becks and calls of daily life. Find somewhere comfortable, turn off your electronics, and just… read.

5. Finish the book

Unless you are reading something that is actually terrible, always try to finish reading your book. A big part of reading is habit. Picking up your book at least once a day reinforces the pattern. Leaving books unfinished is counterproductive to becoming a better reader. If you feel like you need to stop reading because there are 12 other books you want to get to, stop, take a breath, and keep reading. 

In conclusion:

Remember, the key to reading is to pick what you like. Sometimes you need to do some research before you begin reading to make sure you really want to read the book. Once you settle on a book, make space and time to read it. If it’s really a struggle, put down the book and read another. You can always go back to it! 


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