How This Inspiring Author Is Kicking Sports Inequality Out of Bounds

Former Harvard soccer player, mother, advocate, and now writer, Susie has penned Raised a Warrior, with a tagline that reads “One Woman’s Soccer Odyssey”.

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Susie Petruccelli is an inspired – and inspiring – woman both on the football field and off. Former Harvard soccer player, mother, advocate, and now writer, Susie has penned Raised a Warrior, with a tagline that reads “One Woman’s Soccer Odyssey”. Her own journey discovering -and breaking- glass ceilings is incredibly rendered in her novel that has just been released!


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Her novel chronicles her own journey with the sport, how it shaped her, and how she now uses her experience and influence to shape its future. As an American girl from a middle class family born after Title IX started to work its magic in the 1970s, Susie had opportunities she says she took for granted, but as a woman, there were many other opportunities she was denied. Raised a Warrior delves into this, and shows how her experiences make her the player and person she is today. 



Floodlit Dreams, an independent publishing house specializing in sports literature, had this to say:

Honest, human and cathartic, Raised A Warrior tells Susie’s story of growing up in a sports-mad, male-dominated family and the path to finding her identity. From winning a place on the soccer programme at Harvard University to the devastation of serious injury almost wrecking her life and career before an ultimate redemption, Susie also examines the growth of the women’s game and confronts the issues affecting it.

Susie at Harvard

For Susie, soccer provided the framework for her personal, educational, and sporting life, giving her a deeply endowed passion for the game. Her own experiences caused her to reflect on how women are represented and supported in the game that she loves. Her soccer ‘odyssey’ led her down the road of the sport’s history, heroes, and where its women fit in. Now, she shares all that she has learned, in the hopes of “helping women athletes, women’s sports and women in general earn equal respect through good storytelling.” That sounds like a win to me. 

Chart: The U.S. National Soccer Team's Gender Pay Gap | Statista

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In a largely male-dominated sport, the importance of a female voice has never been clearer. Susie’s accounts of her own experiences help shed light on the reality facing women the world over, either on the soccer pitch, or in their own lives. For many women, they don’t have access to their educational rights, let alone sporting. Susie’s novel aims to investigate and portray this comprehensively and fairly.



In her quest for achieving equality for women in sports, Susie has also worked in depth with global Non-Governmental Organisations such as the Women’s Sports Foundation, UN Women, Coaches Across Continents, The Equality League, The Global Goals World Cup, and the Equal Playing Field Initiative.

Ambassador of the Month: Susie Petruccelli — Equal Playing Field

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Raised a Warrior is a novel that every man, woman, and soccer player should be reading. It highlights the inequalities facing female players the world over, and through the prism of Susie’s own experiences, we can see just what effects these injustices can have. You will be inspired – and I don’t just mean to join a team. You can get the e-book here. You don’t want to miss this one.


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