How The Famous Library Cake Came To Be

If you are a fan of libraries or anything bookish, or you have been on social media at all a few years ago, then it is very possible that you have come across this very picture of a beautifully decorated library cake! I know I have, because I even set it as the wallpaper for my phone and tablet at the time!


Pic of library cake

Image via My Modern Met


Much like the frosting on this cake, this picture has been spread far and wide (in the pic’s case, on the web), and it more than deserves to: this cake was an amazing sight to behold for every booklover and common library-goer out there! In fact, this cake is so amazing that others had tried to imitate it…


The shelves in this delicious library are packed with books (for looking but not reading), there’s a little table covered in papers with two little lamps on it and a chair tucked in, and it even has a little display for a globe on another table. On the outside for the library (as in on the other side of the cake), there’s a little front door that has a tiny potted plant on either side.



I mean, I don’t know how I could even eat this cake! It’s just too adorable and amazing of a sight to behold to even consume! If all cakes were decorated this intricately, then bakers would deserve one big pat on the back for taking this delicious art to the next level!

So, you’re probably wondering: where did this magical cake come from? Well, it all started with a mother who wanted to surprise her bookloving daughter on her 21st birthday…


Pic of library cake creator Kathy Klaus

Image via Book Riot


The mother in question is Kathy Klaus, the creator of this magnificent library cake! All of the time and hard work that was put into making this cake definitely paid off, as her daughter called it both “insane” and “amazing”, and we couldn’t agree more…



One would think that this work of bookish art would come from a professional baker, but Kathy Klaus, a native New Yorker living in Vienna, Austria, actually isn’t. For her, the art of decorating cakes is more of a creative outlet than a lifelong career. According to the talented mother, though she didn’t keep track of how long this cake took her to make, any one of her creative culinary projects can take much longer than she thought!

That right there shows true artful dedication…



Famous in both in the library world for showing off a library-themed artwork and the social media world for having had this pic shared and referred to over and over (myself included), Klaus is proud for bringing this special literary cake into this world for all of the book and library-lovers out there!


Featured Image via Book Riot


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