How Pizza and Books Can Change the World

Is pizza the answer to all our problems? The answer is always a resounding yes. A new partnership with First Book and Pizza Hut is bringing together two of the best things in the world: pizza and books.


The campaign, Pizza Hut: The Literacy Project, helps raise money by giving pizza buyers an option to make a small donation to First Book with their purchase. Those donations go directly to local educators who can then use the money to purchase books and resources.

The students of PS 30 were treated to some pizza and a free book in an effort to raise awareness for the project.  Kyle Zimmer, President and CEO of Pizza Hut attended the event and had this to say, “The teachers we serve tell us that when a child discovers a love of reading, not only do they unlock their potential, but ultimately the community benefits.”

As readers, we know how important a book can be. A book can change your entire perspective of the world and yourself. It is so important that kids, especially kids who don’t have the same opportunities as other kids, get access to good quality books. Zimmer recognizes this fact, “too many low-income communities simply don’t have the resources to provide children with access to books…Pizza Hut: The Literacy Project will unlock the potential of millions of underserved children and communities.”

The partnership between First Book and Pizza Hut has the potential to change hundreds if not thousands of lives. If you want to support the project in any way you can contact them here

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