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How My Five-Year Journal Changed My Outlook on Life

Sometimes I find myself just living by the same old routine. I get so caught up that I sort of forget to take in all the small pieces that make up the week. We’ve all been there right?


For my birthday a few months ago one of my best friends since elementary school bought me a gift that would change my outlook on everyday life. She was kind enough to give me: a gift card to my favorite clothing store (gotta have those new boots), a bottle of wine (didn’t share it), and a Q&A a Day: 5-Year Journal…wait, what?


Q&A 5 Year Journal

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I write in it every day, but over the course of five years? It took me a second to understand, then she explained that every page contains one question, just one! Listed after it are five bullets, each with a couple of lines. Wherever you start, whatever year you start, write it down and fill in your answer or continue the thought based on how you feel that very day…in that very moment! It’s kind of like your own time capsule. How perfect is that?


5-Year Journal

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Thankfully, New Years was right around the corner. My chance to start fresh was right in the palm of my hand, along with my ballpoint pen. Soon enough I was making resolutions only to toss them to the wind, but I did begin journaling. The first of five years. I was ready.


I had a designated time right before going to sleep: first my Q&A journal, then my regular journal for writing up whatever I wanted: poetry, prose, endless thoughts, etc. However, I found that questions like “Write the first sentence of your autobiography” or “If you could have a superpower just for today, what would it be?” have helped me in many ways. Not only has it made me think more before I write, but it’s changed the way I look at the world.


Believe it or not, writing out two or three sentences to answer a simple question can actually change your whole mindset before the day even begins.


Here are a couple questions and my answers that I’ve written up since January. Please don’t judge:


Q: What makes a good enemy?


A: Cool question. Someone that’s always cool and calm. Rude, but not tacky. They make you want to do better and work harder than them. Someone who keeps it on the down low, but will say it to your face…


Q: Should you trust your instincts?


A: YES!!! Absolutely! Always, just go with your gut. You know it best and 9.9/10 times you’re right.


Q: What are the top songs on your recently played list? 


A: Something with old rock probably. The Eagles perhaps.


Q: _______ is perfect.


A: Nothing! But if it’s something or someone important, you love it anyway.


Q: Who do you want to know better?


A: Someone I’ve never met. My mom when she was younger.


Q: Did you kiss someone today?


A: Yes… My dog… And my parents and grandma.


Q: Write down the cure for a broken heart.


A: Doing things for yourself, learning something new, long talks with friends, frozen yogurt, margaritas, alone time, writing, singing, crying it out, and loving yourself.


If you are even the slightest bit inspired by these questions and my ridiculous answers, then you may enjoy your very own Q&A journal. It gives you a moment to stop and look around at your life. See the magic in spending Friday night at home with some pizza and your family, feel the buzz of stepping into the city with your best friend, welcome solitude and the time it gives you to watch the sunrise before everyone wakes up.


These questions are here because we have to realize something is given to us each day. Good, bad, or otherwise, it’s there for our taking. We just have to be wise enough to look for it.  


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