How Much Should You Write Each Day?

If you are someone who already has a job that concerns writing then you know how many words a day you should be writing… but stick around! Hopefully, this will help you to write that novel, short story, or heck, even a how-to book, in the most time-effective manner.

Every day writers of all kinds—new to the scene or established and successful—ask the same question: “How much should I write each day?”




It’s understandable, we all have our own lives, and different writing routines. It’s challenging to write a lot when you are in college, finishing up that term paper, and studying for finals while you are maintaining a job and a social life. I can’t imagine being a parent, especially taking care of younger children and trying to find the time to write an entire book. But people do it!

What’s the solution?  Stop having huge expectations of yourself. Don’t give yourself an enormous daily word count to reach in order to feel like a legitimate writer. You don’t need to be Anne Rice who writes three thousand words a day or Stephen King, who writes two thousand.




How many words should you write then?

First, set a goal for yourself, a realistic goal. The practical goal can be as small as fifty to a hundred words a day.

Math is not my strong suit but if you write fifty words five days a week, that adds up to 250 words, and within the year, 365 days cumulative would be 91,250 words.

A typical novel length is 55,000 words. To reach your big goal, you must be willing to travel in a thousand miles in small steps.




And you cannot stop walking when your feet start hurting. Write in the morning, write in the evening before bed; it doesn’t matter, as long as you get the words on the page.

It doesn’t have to be at home that you write; you can write in your notes app on your phone while you commute to and from work. Take a walk, or walk your dog, to boost your creativity, since exercise does help out your hippocampus, thus producing creative fluids! Science is not my strongest suit either, it turns out suits are not really my thing, apparently.


image via Photo by Fancycrave on Unsplash


Now that you finished reading close this window and open up that Word document and start writing! But of course, let’s not be too rash here, it’s best to meet your goal every day by marking it down on your calendars.

Good luck!


Featured Image Via Photo by Carli Jeen on Unsplash