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How Many of These ‘Game of Thrones’ Foods Would You Eat?


George R.R. Martin has quite an imagination. His mind has created some epic stories, new languages, and some of the wildest characters we’ve seen in literature. He’s also cooked up some delectable sounding dishes, as well as some less than appetizing ones. How many of these creative foods would you try? 


Pigeon Pie 


Image courtesy of Culinary Physics


Pigeon pie doesn’t sound so terrible, unless, of course… it is poisoned. Traditional pigeon pies are served at weddings and are made of dark, lean pigeon meat. If the wedding is fancy enough, the pie is huge and filled with live pigeons that fly away once the pie is cut with Valyrian steel. Some pigeons may be harmed in that process… 


Bowl of Brown


Image courtesy of A Wiki of Ice and Fire


Perhaps the most iconic dish to come out of A Song of Ice and Fire, bowls o’brown is a staple in Flea Bottom and other poor regions. The dish is made up of some kind of mysterious meat (yum!), vegetables, and is stewed for days – sometimes much longer. Ingredients vary, but one thing is for sure: People can survive off of this dish. Who’s willing to pay little-to-no money to try this stew? 


Frey Pie


Image courtesy of Game of Thrones Wiki


Um… this is, perhaps, the worst pie in in literary history. It’s the ultimate payback pie, made up of typical pie crust ingredients, some vegetables, herbs and spices, and two of Walder Frey’s children. Arya served the pie to Lord Walder and I’m nauseous now. 


Stallion Heart


Image courtesy of GQ


First, prepare to eat a stallion’s heart with some half-clotted horse blood. Then, do not eat for an entire day or night. If you are as awesome and strong as Daenerys Targaryen, then maybe, just maybe, you’ll be able to eat the entire stallion heart. Raw and bloody. Don’t throw up.


Lamprey Pie


Image courtesy of Game of Thrones Wiki


Clearly, Martin is a big fan of pies. Lamprey pie an interesting delicacy enjoyed by the upper class. Lamprey actually exists in the real world. It is a jawless, eel-like fish well known for it’s a funnel shaped mouth filled with teeth. While the meal itself might not taste bad, one look at this creature, which resembles a sea-monster more than an animal, and your stomach may churn. Tyrion is a huge fan, by the way.


Pork Sausage


Image courtesy of Huffington Post


Hey- this sounds pretty tame and normal! Except, of course, if you think you’re actually eating someone’s… private parts. DONE.


Lemon Cakes


Image courtesy of The Telegraph


These tasty sweets actually sound quite good, so we wouldn’t be surprised if most readers wanted to try lemon cakes. Sansa Stark absolutely loves them, making her quite a proper lady! In the book, this baked good is enjoyed by the most noble and elite. We had to end on a more desirable food…


Featured image courtesy of She Knows.