How George Lucas Wants to Come Back to Star Wars

Star Wars has had quite a strange ride leading into the new decade with a slew of films, TV shows, and games all coming out with varying quality.

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Star Wars has had quite a strange ride leading into the new decade with a slew of films, TV shows, and games all coming out with varying quality. Over the years Star Wars lovers have dealt with disappointments and in recent years what feels like the Star Wars renaissance. Fans and casuals alike convene toward one central ideal of the beloved franchise: capturing the essence of Star Wars while taking the franchise to new places. Petty internet fan-wars aside, the idea of bringing something new to the table is always going to spell some form of success for the franchise. The prequel trilogy, as well as recent ventures like The Mandalorian explore a different facet of this vast universe that stretches far beyond the light and dark side battling it out. There’s no person on earth or in the galaxy for that matter that wants those ideals more than the creator himself George Lucas. Lucas, much like his die-hard fans, has been very vocal about the franchise since his exit following the Disney acquisition back in 2012.

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The recent success of The Mandalorian‘s second season spelled a new possibility for the Star Wars creator. Last year he was offered an official role in future content as a consultant rather than what Lucas truly sought after, which is complete control over the franchise with Clone Wars and The Mandalorian creator Dave Filoni as his right-hand man. I believe Lucas’s idea was pretty sound, as in the past he felt he always needed a relative mind to help filter out some of his more outlandish ideas for what would go on screen. He has stated in the past that he doesn’t have an affinity for dialogue as it is not particularly his strong suit—anyone that watched the Prequel movies can attest to that. Filoni could’ve easily provided the extra set of hands needed to ground the galaxy sprawling franchise as he did in animation and live-action.

Filoni comes to the franchise as both a fan and a creative that understands the essence of what makes Star Wars, Star Wars but wants to uphold the other side of the coin by taking it to new exciting places. If the latest release slate is any indication then he’d make a brilliant choice for such a position. Full control is, however, a very demanding proposition but the possibilities would inevitably be worth the legal trouble of making it happen. Two titans responsible for making fans fall in love with the series and made it come back for reason beyond base nostalgia would make for some game-changing content in the near future.

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Sadly, it has been over a year since this news broke but it doesn’t necessarily mean the end for Lucas’s involvement in the future nor what he envisioned for the franchise going into the 2020s. As usual, when a corporation like Disney acquires a studio, the present projects are canceled immediately and more or less retooled into their own projects. The many canceled projects was a TV series chronicling the adventures of Boba Fett which has since then been reimagined as the spinoff show The Book of Boba Fett coming December of this year, as well as the Obi-Wan spinoff that’s currently filming. He also penned a Star Wars: Underworld show that would highlight the criminal underbelly of the various worlds the universe has which is likely what will be explored in Andor and Rangers of the New Republic. Disney seems privy to the ideas George has, but seems a little antsy about giving him emergency powers to be at the helm of them all.

Perhaps if Lucas is willing to accept a smaller role in the development and Disney is willing to hear out some of the pitches thrown out by Lucas and Filoni, then it could give an even better release slate that could easily rival the one we got this past fall. Despite this George Lucas seems to be very happy with the direction the franchise is headed from his press shots on the set of The Mandalorian set back last fall. As long as an excited smile is plastered on the mind of the creator then it truly means the franchise is in the right hands.

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