Book being bound

How Books Are Bound Is Actually Super Cool

The craft of bookbinding has been in development for well over a thousand years. Although a lot of the books you and I read go through a commercial binding process, many craftspeople still do their cutting, measuring, and gluing by hand.


The Binding Studio in New Zealand is home to one such binder, Louise James. James started binding in 2001 and opened her home-based studio in 2009. The Binding Studio creates bespoke bindings for special orders. James takes the orders, does the measuring, crafts the binding, and ships it essentially by herself. She’s a classic bookbinder.


To get an idea of the meticulous process behind bookbinding, check out this gorgeous video!


The Binding Studio from Joseph Jowitt on Vimeo.


If you have a product you’d like bound by The Binding Studio, give them a shout here.


Feature Image Via iBookBinding