‘House of Leaves’ Pilot Script Revealed and It’s as Complex as You Think

Mark Z. Danielewski’s House Of Leaves is a phenomenally complex work of utterly unique storytelling. His twisting narratives and what almost seems like infinite footnotes crafted a cryptic plot surrounding a dead man, his notes on a supposed fictional film, and the deep mystery surrounding many supernatural and paranormal events. Now, what fans may have thought was impossible has just been proven completely doable. 




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The author revealed in a Twitter post earlier this summer that he had been writing a script for a possible pilot. Danielewski somehow managed to take all of the cramped up complexity of his magnificent and captivating story, all footnotes and experiences included, and make them into a cohesive television series format. 


As a person who  has just begun the book, this is damn well impressive. When I say there’s a lot of footnotes, take that as an understatement. While you read the book, almost every page seems to have some explanation on particular translations or just the overall story of the primary narrator, Johnny Truant. It flashes back and forth through his story and others.





For any fans or newcomers, the script is definitely worth checking out. For more news on if Danielewski’s amazing book and possible adaptations for it, be sure to stick to Bookstr!




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