Hotels for Book Lovers

Whenever we take trips, we usually look for the cheapest flights and cheapest hotel accommodations, but what if we could splurge? Us book lovers know that if we could, we’d love to get our hands on anything book related. So, if you’re going on a trip and you’re looking to splurge on a nice hotel, here are some ideas. They’re all book related, all beautifully decorated, and well, just plain awesome. 

Image courtesy of Giphy  

1) The Commons Hotel – Minneapolis, MN  

Images courtesy of Commons Hotel

While this one may be a more standard hotel, it does have its fair share of bookshelves. The library inside the hotel allows guests to borrow books and get this: there’s a Book Butler. That’s right. The Book Butler will bring you any book you want straight to your room. 


2) The Hobbit Motel – Otorohanga, New Zealand 

Images courtesy of Woodlyn Park

Visiting the Shire? Well, why not stay in a Hobbit hole? From the round door to decor reminiscent of Bilbo Baggins’ abode, you’ll feel as if you’ve slipped straight into Middle Earth. 


3) The Library Hotel – New York City, New York 

Images courtesy of The Library Hotel

It’s called the ‘Library’ Hotel for a reason! This elegant hotel is a top destination for book lover weddings. Almost every wall is adorned with a bookshelf and according to their website, “each of the 10 guestroom floors honor one of the 10 categories of the Dewey Decimal System and each of the 60 rooms are uniquely adorned with a collection of books and art exploring a distinctive topic with the category it belongs to.” 


4) Sylvia Beach Hotel – Newport, Oregon 

J.K. Rowling

Alice Walker

Dr. Seuss

Images courtesy of Sylvia Beach Hotel 

Ok, so this hotel is incredibly unique. Each room is decorated specifically with an author theme that reflects their best work or overall fashion. The rooms are broken into categories: Classics, Best Sellers, and Novels. The beach front view allows for a peaceful stay and oh- there’s no tv, phones, or internet. The pictures speak for themselves. 


5) Wonderland House – Brighton, East Sussex, United Kingdom 

Images courtesy of Wonderland House

If you’re a fan of the absurd and nonsensical, then this hotel’s for you. If Lewis Carroll’s world was to somehow be transformed into a classy and sophisticated place, this would be it. Take a journey down the rabbit hole at this hotel!