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Horror Screenwriter Cooking up Cannibal Book Adaptation

The book about a sixteen-year-old cannibal who searches for her father to find out why she feels a compulsion to eat people is getting a film adaptation, and Suspiria screenwriter David Kajganich is here to pen the script.

Bones and All Cover

The book is graphic, I mean, let’s be honest here, it’s about a sixteen-year-old girl who eats people. Whenever she smells someone’s breath, she just can’t help herself. To make matters worse, almost all of her victims were males who tried to be her friends, without really knowing what a friendship with her was actually like. Her only female victim was her first victim, but that was long ago.

With each kill, her single mother would move them to a different part of the country until, to make matters worse, the mother decided that enough was enough and abandoned the girl.

Lost, lonely, the girl decides to find the father she never knew, hoping that he has answers to why she feels the way she does.

Hannibal: Nothing here is vegetarian

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This might sound like a niche book, but if you think that then you’ll be surprised to learn that Camille DeAngelis’s 2015 book was a winner of an Alex Award, an award given by the one and only American Library Association.


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Not sure if this book is for you? To give you an idea if this morsel of what this book is about, The New York Journal of Books noted that “[w]hile the topic of cannibalism cannot exactly be categorized as enjoyable, DeAngelis’s ability to tell an engaging story that draws the reader in makes this quirky read a real page-turner.” Sounds like something you’d eat up?

Hannibal: I intend to eat them

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I knew you would.

And now it’s becoming a movie! So much for a niche book, am I right? The best part is this forthcoming adaptation will be written by David Kajganich. This after 2018, which proved to be his year. notes that in 2018, “…his AMC series THE TERROR received wide critical and audience acclaim” and Suspiria had “[received] an incredibly warm reception following its Venice Film Festival debut”.

Bones and All Cover

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Both of these visual stories were horror, so it seems like a right fit to have this horror screenwriter tackle this dark book. Deadline also revealed that the forthcoming adaptation will be directed by Antonio Campos, the guy behind The Sinner and Christine, and that Kajganich and Campos will also serve as producers alongside Theresa Park, who infamous produced The ChoiceThe Longest Ride, and The Best of Me.

Kajganich has been quoted as saying:

“We’ve all become used to the status quo of jump-scare horror, but this is a story with something so disquieting, tense, and human at its center, it will give us the chance to engage the genre aggressively from the side of character…”

Personally, I agree. As a lover of horror I couldn’t be more excited to see this adaption, but what do you think? Do you love it, hate it, or don’t care?


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PS- You should care.