Hopeful 2004 Manifesto Sells Out After Trump Win

Rebecca Solnit, famed feminist and inventor of the term “mansplaining”, released a poignant manifesto in lieu of the 2004 upset that left George W. Bush as our Commander-in-chief. Hope in the Dark was a powerful call to those left shocked, urging them to remain hopeful in the face of such a spirit crushing defeat.


It’s 2016 and Donald Trump will be President. After his victory, Hope in the Dark sold out in the United States. It would seem that whatever it is those who didn’t support Trump were feeling then, they are feeling now to a greater degree. The book sold out so fast, Solnit was saw it fit to begin giving away free downloads of the text, resulting in over 30,000 more readers in the days after the election. 

The message of the book [is] that hope can find root in an appreciation of our history, that ordinary people can and have changed the world.

Solnit’s message, it would seem, is helping a country heal.



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