Hometown Hero Brings Books to El Salvador Children

Jorge Tetl Argueta is himself a distinguished author of children’s books, but he has recently sought a new, more direct method of delivering stories into kids’ hands. 

This past week, Jorge flew out to his hometown of San Salvador, El Salvador, to attend the 7th Annual Manyula International Children’s Poetry Festival, held at the Biblioteca Nacional. 

Image courtesy of NBC

This year, Jorge is there to mark the opening of the La Biblioteca de los Sueños (Library of Dreams): a safe space where children can read, perform, and explore their creative interests, far away from the gang violence that plagues their neighborhood of San Jacinto. 

To ensure the childrens’ safety, Jorge personally picks up the children from school to transport them to the library. On this decision, Jorge says: “If we start early, it is my belief that when these children are offered to join a violent and harmful lifestyle, they will have the strength of spirit to choose life, education, and multicultural pride.”

Argueta’s commitment to the project is something to marvel at. He has already donated more than 500 books from his personal library. 

Jorge says that more than anything right now, they need donations.  


Featured image courtesy of Educa2