harry potter

Hold Up! An Actual Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak Exists

Potterheads will soon be able to hold up their wands and say, “Accio, invisibility cloak!” 



Canadian scientists have reportedly had a major breakthrough in their quest to build a real-life invisibility cloak, telling The Sun that their invention, called a “spectral cloak” has already passed the test to make objects invisible.







In an interview with The Sun, researchers Azaña and Cortes spoke about their success in overcoming a major issue that has stumped other scientists around the world. According to the research pair, their success has come from manipulating light waves going through an object rather than reflecting off of it or focusing on objects nearby.



“Conventional cloaking solutions rely on altering the path of light around the object to be concealed,” said Cortes. “Our proposal avoids this by allowing the wave to travel through the target object rather than around it.”



While there is no word on when their invisibly cloak would be completely finished, this certainly brings us fans one step closer to owning our own.







Feature image via Warner Bros.