Hogwarts Hopefuls Can Feast in the Great Hall

The Harry Potter films brought J.K. Rowling‘s amazing stories to life. Seeing Hogwarts and its Great Hall for the first time was a landmark moment for many young readers, and continues to be something special for book lovers today. Since then, many have wanted to drink butterbeer and eat Christmas pudding with their classmates. Now, Warner Brothers Studio in London is giving aspiring wizards and witches a one-night opportunity.

This December, Muggles over the age of 18 can book a reservation for this magical event. If you think this is just a quick bite to eat, then rest assured: WB has lined up a full itinerary for lucky attendees. The event begins with a two-course meal in the Great Hall, which is filled with original props from the set of the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone film. Guests then move onto a tour of beloved locations like the Gryffindor common room and the Weasley’s house (otherwise known as The Burrow.) The last part of the night takes place on Platform 9 ¾, which will include a proper sendoff with dessert, music, and dancing. 

Wizards may have to withdraw a good deal from Gringott’s if they want to be a part of this, as it costs $350 per person. The first of these dinner events will take place on December 3.  

So, what do you think? Ready to hop on a broom and get yourself to London? Let us know if you’re planning on attending in the comments! 

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