Hogwarts Express

Hogwarts Express Rescues a Family Because Magic Is Real

If you’re like me, you’ve been hoping for your Hogwarts acceptance letter ever since you read The Philosopher’s Stone, and with that, your chance to ride the Hogwarts Express. For four children in Scotland, riding the Hogwarts Express became a reality as it was the magical solution to their family’s problem. 


BBC reported that Jon and Helen Cluett and their children found themselves stranded on the shore near Loch Eilt in Scotland after a storm washed away the canoe that the family had used to get there. With four young children, the couple were afraid to take the three mile walk back to their car, especially because the land was very wet and marshy to walk across and walking along the nearby train tracks posed a great danger. After a call to the police, the Hogwarts Express was sent to pick them up. 


Cluett Family

Photo by Jon Cluett via BBC 


The train is called the Jacobite and is usually used for excursions on the West Highland Railway Line, but as it was near the Cluett’s, an unscheduled stop was arranged to save the family. Jon Cluett said, “I’m slightly sad because I’d lost my boat–but the kids, when they saw the steam train coming, all sadness left their little faces and was replaced by excitement and fun–just the real joy of having an adventure and having the train stop right next to them.” 


Hopefully the family canoe will be found for a truly magical end to this story!