Hitlers Mein Kampf Sells Out in Germany in First Printing in 70 Years

For 70 years, Adolf Hitler’s famous book Mein Kampf has been banned in Germany. That changed this year, when a limited number of expensive new editions were printed. The new edition was up for just a few hours on Amazon’s German website before it completely sold out.

Hitler’s book was banned for years because German leaders feared that it would find resonance with Nazi sympathizers, but the book’s historical importance won out this year, when the Munich Institute for Contemporary History published a new edition of the book for the first time in 70 years. The new version, however, doesn’t just present the text as it was written; instead, it’s heavily annotated by historians. The result is a very hefty two-volume set that will set purchasers back €59 (about $64 US).

That apparently didn’t slow down demand, though. The initial printing run of just 4,000 copies was nowhere near enough to keep up with advance orders, which totalled 15,000. Lucky shoppers who got their hands on a book from the original printing run are already re-posting those products on Amazon, asking for more than six times the retail price.


h/t International Business Times

Main image: Getty Images/Johannes Simon